Episode 3

Soho Bites 3: The Lodger (1927) & Frenzy (1972)

Double Hitch.

In our third episode we were invited on a Soho gangland tour guided by Aidan McManus of London Flipside Tours! 

We then hosted the podcaster, Adam Roche to discuss two of Hitchcock’s London films, his silent offering The Lodger and the colour-serial-killer-70s-frenetic-horror film Frenzy. Among Adam’s many podcasting achievements is a 20 hour long biographical masterpiece called, The Adventures of Alfred Hitchcock. He is also the founder of The Official Talking Pictures TV Podcast and Attaboy Clarence. 

Alfred Hitchcock and crew, during the filming of Frenzy (1972)

You can find all links to Adam’s works here, and you can follow Adam on Twitter .

You can buy The Lodger on DVD here and Frenzy here.

Please do check out Aidan’s radio show on Portobello Radio

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